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Practice Areas

ZenPoint Solutions applies industry standard practices for conducting data mining to identify patterns and data trends that are relevant to your organization’s mission. To help visualize results, ZenPoint Solutions employs COTS and custom-developed software to convert raw data into actionable intelligence.

ZenPoint Solutions deploys and maintains secure and scalable solutions that reside on-premise, in the cloud, or that use hybrid architectures that strike a cost-effective balance, where only a part of the design leverages the cloud. ZenPoint Solution’s industry experts apply their extensive knowledge and years of experience to secure and protect sensitive data, regardless where it may reside.

ZenPoint solutions has years of experience in successfully managing programs and projects of all sizes. The success of any program hinges on things like budget oversight, proper staffing, risk management, schedules and scope management. ZenPoint Solutions provides certified industry leaders to ensure the program/project is managed effectively and efficiently.

At ZenPoint, we always take a serious approach towards your business needs. When working on a project, we start with a point of concept examination: ZenPoint specialists carefully analyze your needs and help you create detailed software requirements specifications, which are indispensable for implementing your organization’s project the way you envision it.

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